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Lakeland Florida Newborn Photographer

Lakeland Florida Newborn Photographer

There is something truly magical about the arrival of a new baby. As a Lakeland Florida Newborn photographer, there are not many things as magical as getting to capture memories of you and your new baby. The joy, love, and wonder that fill the hearts of new parents are simply indescribable. And in my cozy Lakeland studio, I had the pleasure of capturing beautiful moments for Makenzie and Beau shortly after they welcomed their first baby boy into the world.

As Makenzie and Beau walked into my studio, their faces were filled with excitement and anticipation. They were beaming with love for their little one, and it was evident that their journey into parenthood had already begun long before this moment. It was an honor to be a part of their story and to document the early days of their new life.

Makenzie had requested several dresses to try on prior to the session, and I had made sure that they were all prepared and ready for her when she arrived. As she changed into each dress, I took advantage of the time to capture solo shots of their precious baby boy. 

Makenzie’s decision to change into two different dresses during the session added a beautiful variety to the images. It allowed for different looks and styles, creating a visual story that showcased the depth of their love and the joy of their new parenthood. Both dresses looked stunning on her, and I was thrilled that she could utilize my client wardrobe, saving her the expense of purchasing new dresses for the session.

The session itself was a dreamy experience. The soft lighting, the delicate props, and the love that filled the air created a serene and intimate atmosphere. It was a privilege to witness the love that Makenzie and Beau shared, a love that felt as though it had been there forever. They are already such wonderful parents, showering their little one with affection and care.

As I clicked the shutter, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe. Awe at the miracle of new life, awe at the love that radiated from this family, and awe at the privilege I had been given to document these precious moments. 

This Lakeland newborn session was a celebration of love, joy, and the early days of parenthood. It was a reminder of the incredible journey that Makenzie and Beau had embarked upon, and the immense love they already had for their little one.

Lakeland Florida Newborn Photographer
Lakeland Florida Newborn Photographer
Lakeland Florida Newborn Photographer
Lakeland Florida Newborn Photographer



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