Atlas’ First Birthday Party In Winter Park, FL


Florida First Birthday Photography

A year ago, I had the privilege of meeting Altas and his parents in their hospital room in Orlando. It was a heartwarming experience, witnessing the overwhelming love and joy as they welcomed their precious baby into the world. As fate would have it, this was also my first time returning to the hospital since my days as a newborn hearing technician, making the moment even more poignant.

Altas’s Fresh 48 session, which took place within 1-2 days of his birth, holds a special place in my heart. It was a truly intimate experience, capturing those precious first moments that can never be replicated. I remember being so impressed by the outfits chosen by his parents and the genuine emotions that radiated from them.

Fast forward a year, and Altas’s mom reached out to me to document his first birthday celebration at their new home for a Florida first birthday photography session. I was beyond excited to be a part of this milestone. What made it even more special was that the theme of the party seamlessly carried over from his birth, creating a beautiful connection between the past and the present.

Capturing the intricate details of this thoughtfully planned celebration brought me immense joy. From the decorations to the delicious cake, every element was a testament to the love and care that went into creating this memorable day. Prior to the start of the party, I also had the pleasure of taking immediate and extended family portraits, a special touch that was planned in advance.

And then came the cake smash, the cherry on top of this delightful celebration. Altas’s pure joy and excitement as he dug into his cake was absolutely adorable. It was a moment that perfectly encapsulated the happiness and love that filled the air.

Being able to reconnect with this beautiful family and document this significant moment in their lives was truly an honor. As I clicked the shutter, I couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible journey that had brought us all together.

Florida First Birthday Photography
Florida First Birthday Photography
Florida First Birthday Photography
Florida First Birthday Photography



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