Documenting the Beautiful Carlos Family


Anna Maria Island Photography

Anna Maria Island Photography

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the Carlos Family when their second daughter was born. I was invited to document their newborn session in their beautiful home in St. Petersburg, Florida. From the moment I walked through their door, I could feel the love and warmth that filled their home. It was evident that this family was not only incredibly photogenic but also easy to connect with on a personal level. I additionally documented that same baby’s first birthday in my Lakeland studio location. It was such a joy to see them all for that sweet milestone and celebration! 

Recently, I was overjoyed when mom reached out to me for a family session this Fall. I remembered how lovely and easy-going they were, and I couldn’t wait to capture their family’s growth and love once again. As we planned for the session, mom took charge of styling the entire shoot, and I must say, she did an impeccable job. The color palette she chose for everyone perfectly complemented their personalities and brought out their natural beauty.

For this session, we decided to venture out to Anna Maria Island, one of my favorite locations for beach photography. This particular beach offers not only a stunning view of the sunset but also a sense of seclusion, despite being a public beach. It was the perfect backdrop for capturing the Carlos Family’s genuine connection and affection for one another.

As we strolled along the path leading to the beach, I couldn’t help but notice how much the girls had grown since our last session. They were still little, but there was an undeniable sense of maturity in their eyes. It was a joy to witness their playful interactions and to capture those fleeting moments of childhood innocence.

Throughout the session, the Carlos Family remained sweet, easy-going, and fun-loving. They were open to my suggestions and allowed their genuine personalities to shine through. It was a privilege to be a part of their journey  and to create lasting memories for them to cherish.

I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with families like the Carlos Family, who not only appreciate the art of photography but also understand the importance of capturing the essence of their family bond. It is these connections that make my job as a newborn and family photographer so fulfilling.

If you’re looking to document your family’s special moments, whether it’s the arrival of a new baby or simply capturing the love and joy that fills your home, I would be honored to be a part of your story. 

Contact me today to schedule your session and let’s capture your family’s beautiful moments together.

Anna Maria Island Photography



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